Product Description

This is a great little self-contained livewell timer pod for your boat.  Very common on thousands of boats built in the last few decades.

Marine-grade, and potted waterproof, this timer pod stands up to the harsh abuse and runs like a champ.  With very low failure rates and a pretty dang impressive current capacity (10A) – it’s made for use as a boat aerator timer.

It is usually used on livewell recirc pumps to keep the pump aerating or drawing in new water on a cycling basis.  It turns the livewell pump on and off without any substantial parasitic drain.

This livewell or aerator timer pod runs for 1 minute, then cycles off for three minutes… forever, when it’s powered up.  It can even be used to keep bait fresh overnight on the trailer and will only draw down one quarter of the battery drain a constantly “on” pump would.

We provide this timer with the mating connector and 6” color coded wire leads:

  • Red = Positive input
  • Brown = Output (cycling)
  • Black = negative

Just crimp on a butt or quick connect connector to suit your needs, and you’re off and running!

It is installed in series with the load… so the output of the switch goes to the input of the aerator timer, and the brown wire goes to the pump.

This is a Rig Rite 535 timer with mating connector and leads.

You can wire it to a single throw (one output) switch like this one, or a nice way to do it, is wire it to a double throw switch like this one, where one position is constantly on, and one position is on the timer.

To wire this to a double throw switch, you would put the red wire into the “timer” lead on the switch, and tie the brown wire in with the manual lead (either with a piggyback or you can splice it in with a step down butt splice to the wire going out to the load.  Wiring the aerator timer this way makes it also illuminate the manual LED in the switch… flashing on and off as the timer turns on, which is a nice added benefit.

Note, we also have a variable timer knob that can be mounted on the panel here.

Timer Pod Wiring Diagram