An unbelievable company with unparalleled customer service and a genuine interest in their customers’ needs!!!

What I really liked is how easily accessible they all were. Most of their business is via online ordering so you would think it would be somewhat difficult to call and get information. But it was not.

Every time I called I was speaking DIRECTLY with the individuals themselves who had hands-on knowledge of their product line, approximate lag times and shipping information.

They were not only willing to address any questions or concerns but did so in a very relaxed and non-rushed attitude!

All this mind you, for an extremely small order of one blank panel only costing $15?!?! WOW!!! By the way, they treated me, you would have thought I was a commercial customer that gave them 100 orders a week!!!

They are also one of the very FEW companies that make custom rocker switch panels which is extremely hard to find!!!

You absolutely cannot go wrong dealing with this company!!!

Louis P.