I had to replace the switch pod and computer controller on my 2004 World Cat due to the switch pod beginning to fail. I reached out to WC thinking I could simply buy another switch pod to “plug and play” a replacement. Much to my disappointment, WC no longer uses this electronic system due to its failure rate, and nor do they have any switch pod inventory. WC recommended I change from the electronic system to a conventional rocker switch panel.

After several weeks of online research and talking with a couple of local (central FL) marine shops about this task and the timeline to do the project, I decided to undertake the task myself. During my online research, New Wire Marine continuously popped up in an extremely favorable manner. Many postings on The Hull Truth website highly recommended NWM. So, I visited NWM’s website and quickly built my new panel with tremendous ease. Actually, I built it about five times, each with different configurations, switch types, and coloring schemes. The online panel builder is amazingly simple to use and incredibly user-friendly.

It took me about two days from the beginning to the end of my project. The most time-consuming chore was figuring out the existing wiring because there isn’t an available wiring schematic, not even from WC.

I am overly pleased with the new rocker switch panel from NWM and the ease of installation.

William T.