We love releasing new products, and today we have some great new materials to announce!

Graphite Fiber

This gorgeous material is a second generation of our carbon fiber materials.

Unlike our Cobalt and Black Carbon Fiber materials, the weaves of the Graphite Fiber are a bit longer, reflecting the beauty of the intertwined gray and black detail. Graphite Fiber is the perfect combination of bold and sleek, giving your boat timeless detail for years to come.

Available in natural and black core.

Wood paneling is coming back in a big way this year. We’re bringing you three new wood-style materials to keep your boat fresh in style.


Graywood is a glossy, modern take on a marine classic.

The shades of gray combine with a very slight brown hue to create a sleek, elegant wood grain appearance that’s ready to bring class to your craft. Our Graywood material allows for a timeless look without losing the modern style of the black-out style that’s so popular today.

Available in natural and black core.

Gloss Cherry

This rich, lustrous material is a wonderful addition to our wood grain family.

The warm, reddish tones bring you that full-bodied feeling that’s typically reserved for red wine (and women).

The graining pattern flows beautifully across the patinated wood appearance, creating a look that furniture aficionados could only dream of finding. The glossy finish ties this material together; giving the look of vintage wood a modern refresh your boat is ready to show off.

Available in natural and black core.

Grained Baywood

Texture is the key when it comes to the uniqueness of this material.

From a distance, the warm, cinnamon-shaded wood catches your eye all on its own; but up close, the grooves and graining bring forth a subtle third dimension you can’t find anywhere else except on real hardwoods.

This material’s true beauty is captured best in the sunlight, making your boat the perfect home for our Grained Baywood.

Available in black core.

More on these Materials:

These ABS materials are built to take a beating – with no metal parts to corrode, and no paint to chip, and they are not brittle like thin acrylic can be.  With its over 220-degree F melting point, natural impact resistance, and structural strength, your panel will withstand the rough waters for many years to come.

All our ABS materials are finished with a quality-tested, UV-stable, durable laminate topcoat. The topcoat not only gives each material its unique pattern/appearance, it also shields your custom-made panel from UV degradation over time.

New Wire Marine partners with the industry-leading, marine-grade manufacturers to supply our customers with the top quality they deserve. We currently offer 24 material/core combinations with the release of our new materials and are in constant innovation alongside our supplier to bring you the best panels that are built to last.

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