Product Description

4 Circuit Compact Marine Fuse Block – Blue Sea 5045

ATC Style fuse block with 4 circuits.  Accepts readily available ATO and ATC style standard blade fuses (sold separately).

Marine grade construction with tinning on all copper contacts. Meets ABYC/USCG requirements for insulation. Includes secure, but easy to open protective cover.

At less than 2″ x 4″ this is a great little – super compact – fuse block that fits in a tight space.  We also have an 8 circuit version of this compact fuse block.

Fuse Block Specs:

  • Circuits: (4) #8 screw terminals
  • Inputs: (1) #10 stud
  • Negative Bus: No
  • Max Current: 100A total, 30A per circuit
  • Max Voltage: up to 32Vdc
  • Fuse Type: ATC or ATO

4 Circuit Fuse Block Use Example:

This would be a great choice for a smaller boat with just a few unswitched loads.  Or even a great breakout point for several, individually fused loads on a common circuit.

For example: Maybe you have four expensive underwater lights, all thrown by a single switch on your marine switch panel.  Combined they need a 15A, or 20A breaker on the panel… but you want to circuit protect each one at only 3A to protect them.  You can run your lead from the switch to the input of this block, then slap four 3A fuses into this thing out to your lights.  Now all your lights are controlled with a single switch, but this fuse block protects them individually down to their rated current.

What We Like About This Fuse Block:

  • Extremely compact… takes up like no space under a crowded dash
  • Single-sided load wire exit actually makes it much easier to dress your wiring in cleanly than a two sided fuse block