Product Description

Battery Terminal Mount Fuse Block – Blue Sea 5023

This little ATC style fuse block is pretty neat.  It mounts right to your battery lug with four standard blade fuses (sold separately).

Nice breakout point for items that bypass your battery switch like bilge pump float feed, or stereo memory without having to stuff a whole much of ring terminals onto the actual stud with inline fuse holders.

Fuse Block Specs:

  • Circuits: (4) #8 screw terminals
  • Inputs: (1) 3/8″ standard positive battery stud
  • Negative Bus: No
  • Max Current: 100A total, 30A per circuit
  • Max Voltage: up to 32Vdc
  • Fuse Type: ATC or ATO


What We Like About This Fuse Block:

  • It’s made to hang right off the side of your battery.

Product Video: