Product Description

6 Circuit Independent Fuse Block – Blue Sea 5035

ATC Style fuse block with 6 individual fuses.  Accepts readily available ATO and ATC style standard blade fuses (sold separately).

Now this fuse block is a little different than a typical single (ganged) input block (like this 8 circuit fuse block).  The 5035 does not have a built in source side bus, but instead has individual screws for each fuse.

Marine grade construction with tinning on all copper contacts. Meets ABYC/USCG requirements for insulation. Includes secure, but easy to open protective cover.

Fuse Block Specs:

  • Circuits: (6) #8 screw terminals
  • Inputs: (6) #8 screw terminals
  • Negative Bus: No
  • Max Current: 30A per circuit
  • Max Voltage: up to 32Vdc
  • Fuse Type: ATC or ATO

Independent Fuse Block Use Example:

You’d want to use this independent fuse block if you had multiple power sources controlling various loads.  For example, perhaps you have one 24 hour circuit that passes the battery switch, then goes to a bilge pump.  Then say… 2 circuits that are only on when the battery switch is on.  Then perhaps you have three more that you want to have power only when a specific electronics switch is on.  This fuse block would be great for that.

Honestly, the Blue Sea 5035 fuse block is probably much less common on a boat than something like a Blue Sea 5046 where there is a single supply source.

What We Like About This Fuse Block:

  • While less common – when you need independent sources, you’ve got to have an independent block.
  • It aggregates – in a clean way – multiple sources going to multiple loads in a small, form factor.