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White Dep Lamp
3 Terminals

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Product Description

ON-OFF Rocker Switch, SPST, Dependent Lamp

This is very simple and very common switch.  It is Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) and it’s function is ON-OFF.  It has one dependent lamp at the top.  This is probably the most common switch ever on boats.  If it’s an ON-OFF, switch and is lit only when the switch is on, this is probably it.

If you’re replacing an existing rocker switch, it should have “V1D1” stamped on the side (last 4 digits of p/n are not stamped), but this “V1D1” will also replace a “V1DA” which simply means the old one had plastic barriers on the back, where the V1D1 does not.  Make sure the old switch has only one lamp that comes on when the switch is ON only.

If it has a backlight as well as an indicator, you may need this variation.

This is a rocker switch body only.  This rocker switch body is meant to be paired a etched or printed rocker switch cover for a complete switch unit.  All actuators sold on this site will fit this switch.

Like all our rocker switches this is a genuine Carling Technologies product.  It is IP68 sealed dustproof and waterproof.

Rocker Switch Specs

  • Nominal voltage: 12Vdc
  • Current Rating: 20A
  • Terminals: 3
  • Carling P/N: V1D1-B60B
  • Lamp Type: Incandescent
  • Lamp Life: 10,000 hours

ON-OFF Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram:

Carling V1D1 rocker switch wiring diagram

Carling V1D1 rocker switch wiring diagram

2 reviews for V1D1-B60B

  1. Charles (verified owner)

    I purchased these switches as exact replacement to my existing switches of 11 years
    Easy to use and easy to order

  2. Alexander Walker (verified owner)

    Correct choice and replacement swtiches. Good delivery time. I like what the site offers.

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