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Bilge Man/Auto Backlit Rocker Switch

(1) Backlight at Top, (1) indicator light at Bottom

Genuine Carling Contura V Switch


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Product Description

Backlit Rocker Switch – Bilge Man/Auto

This genuine Carling rocker switch labeled “Bilge Man/Auto” is manufactured by laser marking, NOT printing.   Laser technology allows for a stunning backlight effect.  It is a great upgrade to our popular Contura II style Acc rocker switch.

This product is the ENTIRE SWITCH combo and includes both the switch body and the labeled cover.  Find the laser-etched ACC switch cover sold separately here.

Switch Features:

  • Stunning readability in the dark
  • Dual lamps – top backlight, bottom indicator light
  • 4 illumination color options: warm white, cool white, blue or red
  • Laser-etched – no ink to wear off

How Does the Backlighting Work?

  • Laser marking the cover allows light to be visible only where we have marked
  • Text and symbol markings illuminate – not the normal ink over a lens
  • Top light is an externally triggered backlight – normally wired to the nav light circuit
  • Bottom light is now the indicator.  It lights when the switch is on

(read more about how our illuminated rocker switches work here)

Rocker Switch Tech Specs:

  • Voltage Rating: 12Vdc
  • Current Rating: 20A
  • Circuit: DPDT
  • Position: ON-OFF-ON
  • Water Protection: IP68 (waterproof to >1m submersion)
  • Terminal Count: 4
  • Terminal Style: 0.250″ Quick Connect (spades)
  • Body P/N: VJD2-U66B (warm white variant)
  • Contact Life: 150,000 cycles
  • Lamp Life: 10,000 hours (warm white variant, 100,000 hours red, blue, cool white)

Translation: An exceptionally high-quality rocker switch.  Genuine Carling Technologies – no knock-offs.  This switch will last in the harsh marine environment for years to come.

Download the full spec sheet here

How Our Switches Are Better:

  1. Genuine Carling switches – We’ll never try and pass off cheap Chinese knock-offs like some of our competitors. You’ve probably seen other sites list a switch as “fits carling”… that’s a red flag.  All our switches are the genuine article.  And like all cheaply made counterfeits, you CAN tell the difference.
  2. Night Illumination – Unlike printing, our laser marking technology allows stunning readability in the dark.
  3. Support – We know this product inside and out and are happy to help our customers.  Need help wiring up one of our products, call us… seriously: (843) 297-8348
  4. Guarantee – While Carling does not offer a warranty, we’re so confidant in the quality; that if your switch breaks within 2 years, you can return it for a free replacement!

Will It Fit?

This rocker switch will replace any Carling V-series or Contura style rocker switch.  That includes Contura style switches sold by Carling, Sierra, Blue Sea Systems, Sea-Dog, etc.  It uses an industry-standard 1.45″  x 0.83″ mounting hole.

Wiring Info & Wiring Diagram:

This rocker switch has 10 terminals on the back:

    1. 12V input #1 – terminal 2
    2. 12V input #2 – terminal 5
    3. 12V output #1 – terminal 1
    4. 12V output #2 – terminal 3
    5. 12V output #3 – terminal 4
    6. 12V output #4 – terminal 6
    7. negative source (top lamp) – terminal 7
    8. backlight trigger (top lamp) – terminal 8
    9. negative source (bottom lamp) – terminal 9
    10. backlight trigger (bottom lamp) – terminal 10

A hard copy of the wiring diagram will be shipped with this switch.  You can also find it in the product images above, or download the PDF wiring diagram here.


On Contura Styles and Colors:

This ACC illuminated rocker switch is a special Contura V style made to be laser engraved, as pictured above.  It is a similar shape, but different texture and appearance than Contura V switches that are meant to be printed.  As you can see in the images there is no lens… the etching actually becomes the lens.  So generally folks do not mix and match these switches, even among printed Contura Vs.

We carry this switch with warm white incandescent lamps or red, blue, cool white LEDs.  The illumination only affects the lighting, not the color of the engraving.  Blue and cool white is our most bright color, followed by warm white, then red is the least bright.

2 reviews for Bilge Man/Auto

  1. Matthew Kress (verified owner)

    You get what you pay for. I am impressed with the Etched Contura V rocker switch. They are pricey at $20 ea, but the quality is noticable once unpackaged, by far more superior than the typical Contura switches you find on Amazon. The etching it clean and well done, no more stickers or print wearing off. The switch mechanism feels crisp and the plasic covers doesn’t feel cheap. Well done New Wire Marine, you gained a new customer. Spend the extra, you won’t regret it. Website is user friendly and shipping was extremely fast! I was expecting to receive my switches in weeks, not days. I ordered on a Thurs and received them the following Monday.

  2. Dan Steinberg (verified owner)

    Very useful switch. Made it possible to wire the bilge pump auto setting directly to the batteries and the manual setting after the battery switch, which prevents someone from by accident leaving the boat with the pump left on. Really fast turnaround.

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