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Negative Bus Bar – 20 Screw


Marine Bus Bar – 20 circuit

150A Rated, tinned marine grade

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Product Description

Marine Bus Bar – 150A, 20 circuit

Our second most popular bus bar after the 10 circuit negative bus variation.. this will accept twice the circuits.

This 150A marine bus bar is used to combine multiple wires into one “bus”.  Our Marine grade bus bar is tinned to resist corrosion and includes (2) 1/4″ studs for large cables and (20) #8 screws for your smaller loads.

It’s only 9 1/8″ long and 1 1/4″ wide for a nice compact place to gang all your load negatives together before heading back to the battery.  It’s rated for up to 150A, which is much more than you’d typically need on a small to mid sized recreational boat.

Our tinned marine bus bar is distinctly different than a terminal block in that all the screws are physically and electrically ganged together.  (more on how bus bars and terminal blocks are used in your boat’s wiring system here)

We call it a Negative (common) Bus Bar because that’s what it’s typically used for.  However it could also be used as a positive bus bar if your situation requires.  This might be useful for example to gang the positive inputs together with our Bocatech resettable push button switches which feature molded wire input leads.

This bus bar has 20 load screws, but you can put multiple wires onto each.  It’s compact, so can get crowded this way, so consider multiple buses ganged together via the 1/4″ studs if necessary.

There’s a (simplified) wiring diagram below showing how a marine bus bar is typically used in your boat’s overall electrical system.  As shown in it’s common usage, the bus bar is usually located near the boat’s switch panel and the positive breakout terminal block.  This way all the negatives coming from the various loads can be collected together with one main cable run to the negative post on the battery.

marine bus bar (common)

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