There must be some midnight oil burning in New Jersey.

Less than a year after the release of their V-46, Valhalla is center stage again; this time, with the release of the V-55.

The V-55 is a huge milestone – not just for Valhalla, but for the boating industry as a whole. For many years, the idea of bigger center consoles was just that; an idea. It wasn’t until around 2009 that the first center console over 40 ft was released, with the first 50+ ft. entering the scene 6 years later in 2015.

The combination of luxury, performance, and sportfishing are unmatched in Valhalla’s newest (and biggest) hull. Holding a total of 1200 gallons of gas, the V-55 sets a new industry standard for yachts of this class. Other similar models come in between 900-1000 gallons of fuel capacity.

The fuel tank is just a mere drop in the ocean (corny, sorry) compared to everything else this BOHEMOTH has to offer. Let’s talk about the quadruple (or quintet) Mercury 7.6-liter V12 600-hp Verado outboards for minute, because holy $h*t…

Here are the same engines, featured on Valhalla’s V-46

“The boat was designed and engineered for these engines”

-Viking Vice President of Design and Engineering, Lonni Rutt

Viking (the parent company of Valhalla) developed a transom and structure based around supporting the weight and horsepower of these engines. Rutt continued, “We prepared for – and are working with – the technology rather than adapting to it.”

Keeping in the spirit of record setting, the V-55 is also the largest resin-infused center console of its kind. And just like every other Viking sportfisher, the hull is being manufactured with fiberglass and carbon fiber/E-glass hybrid fabrics; providing perfect strength without sacrificing weight.

Valhalla didn’t just stop at the hull with resin, though. The stringer grid, deck, liners, and hard top are also all resin-infused.  The doors and lids are all gelcoat-finished on both sides and all of the hardware is Gemlux. When we say that Valhalla didn’t forget anything, they really did not forget ANYTHING.

The boat can run well, sure. But it’s just as sexy of a sight as it is a ride.

The ProCurve solid glass enclosure allows for protection from the elements along with clear visibility in every direction. The console, comfortably made for 3 guests, is complete with armrests and cup beer holders. Wide sidedecks lead to the bow and make for easy movement around the deck.

More seats are found all over and laid out for seamless walking, fishing, dancing, or whatever activity you feel like doing on your giant boat!

The air-conditioned cabin, located on the console’s starboard aft, makes for a perfect home away from home. Two 24-inch Bomar overheard hatches and two portlights let in plenty of natural light. #NotYourDadsGalley

Valhalla and other builders are bringing back wood paneling in a big way, and it really shows in this cabin. The horizontal-grain walnut warms the space and rivals that of any luxury yacht (the nearly 7 ft of headroom doesn’t hurt, either). The cabin totals 1 queen bed, 2 berths, an L-shaped lounge, a drop-down table for conversion into a book, 2 32-inch HD TVs, ensuite vanity and sink, private shower, and so much more.

Keeping with (new) tradition, Viking created a state-of-the-art machinery room for the V-55 just as they did for the V-46 released last year. The machinery room is accessed through an aft bulkhead door in the bunk area and features the batteries, battery chargers, fire and ventilation systems, water heater, electrical distribution panel, generator with 50-gallon diesel tank, access to the electronics, fuel management systems, and so much more.

You didn’t think we forgot our favorite part, did you?


A beautiful gloss black acrylic, this dash boasts 3 LARGE multi-function displays, stainless steel bocatech push button switches, backlit text, and the backlit Valhalla logo. The Edson steering wheel is mounted on either a faux teak or solid teak helm pod, and that wood really makes the gloss acrylic POP.

The V-55 is offered in an array of color choices in options and can even be maximized in customizable options for custom outboard paint, gelcoat, the deckliner, the console, seating modules, and deck boxes.

Whew… I think that about covers it (for now).

“In every way, this boat goes above and beyond,”

says Pat. “We’re extremely excited and can’t wait to show you our new Valhalla.”

The construction of Hull #1 sets sail this summer, with the unveiling coming to the world stage of the 2022 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October.

We absolutely can not WAIT to see the progress begin on the construction, so be sure to check back for updates once it kicks off!

(But in the meantime, check out this sweeeeet teaser released by Valhalla)