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Bocatech – Non-Resettable

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Bocatech Switches

Non-Resettable Push Buttons

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Product Description

Bocatech Non-Resettable, 15A Switches

Looking for a new look on your dash?  Our Bocatech push buttons may just be the trick.  This innovative product has built in solid state switching that allows up to a whopping 15A capacity in such a small form factor as a 19mm push button.

Most push buttons in this size will pull 3 to maybe up to 5A.  But these boca switches are rated up to 15A of current (single output version)

These switches are NOT resettable – meaning you’ll need to protect them with a fuse or circuit breaker like any other switch:  They do not have it build in.

These Bocatech Switches Feature:

  • IP67  waterproof – meaning dust tight and immersion waterproof to 1m
  • Now resettable – built in circuit protection
  • Stainless Steel bezel – never rusts
  • Solid state switching up to 15A
  • Simple wiring with 2ft molded wire leads
  • Easy to install with a 3/4″ hole saw


ON-OFF:  Standard switch, latching – 15A Rated

(ON)-OFF:  Momentary version – 15A Rated

Nav/Anc:  Two outputs.  Press once: Both leads.  Press again:  Single lead active – 5A rated per channel

2Ckt: Two outputs.  Press once: Lead A.  Press again:  Lead B – 5A rated per channel

M2Ckt: Two outputs.  Press once, hold: Lead A.  Press again, hold:  Lead B.  Press again, hold:  Lead A – 5A rated per channel

Panel Examples w/ Boca Switches:

Like any of our component, we’d be happy to pre-assemble Bocatech Switches into a complete panel unit.  This allows OEM quality switch labeling to be applied.  See some examples below:





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