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Product Description

ON-OFF-ON Rocker Switch, DPDT, Green LED

This is the green LED version of this rocker switch body.  The difference is in this version both lights are green LEDs.  This is most often used when you want a backlit switch bank, but (unlike a nav/anc in most cases) this DPDT switch does NOT trigger the backlights in all the others.

In our custom build boat switch panels for example, we might use this switch body for a livewell/aerator switch.  So you get the benefit of Double Throw, but it is also able to be backlit.

This switch has 10 terminals.  6 are used for the electromechanical switching contacts, and 4 are used for the lights (see diagram below)

This is a rocker switch body only.  This rocker switch body is meant to be paired a etched or printed rocker switch cover for a complete switch unit.  All actuators sold on this site will fit this switch.

Like all our rocker switches this is a genuine Carling Technologies product.  It is IP68 sealed dustproof and waterproof.

Rocker Switch Specs

  • Nominal voltage: 12Vdc
  • Current Rating: 20A
  • Terminals: 10
  • Carling P/N: VJD2-UEEB
  • Lamp Type: Green LED
  • Lamp Life: 100,000 hours

ON-OFF-ON Green LED Backlit Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram:

DPDT backlit rocker switch wiring diagram



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