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ON-OFF-ON, DPDT Rocker Switch, No Light

Our VJD1-S00B rocker Switch is an isolated Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT). This one has no light in it, although we have many other variations with lights in them.

It has two inputs and four outputs. It has 3 positions: UP and DOWN are on, with a CENTER off position.  Commonly called 3-way (although the technical term is Double Throw).

As are all our marine grade rocker switches – this VJD1 is sealed IP68 submersion waterproof. Great for use on a boat.

This would make an ideal replacement boat 3-way rocker switch, when lighting is not a concern.  One advantage to a rocker switch with no light is that it can be used on a 24V marine system.

VJD1-S00B Rocker Switch Specs:

  • Nominal voltage: 12-24Vdc
  • Current Rating: 20A
  • Terminals: 6
  • Carling P/N: VJD1-S00B

Rocker Switch Wiring Details:

  • T1 – output 1-1
  • T2 – input 1
  • T3 – output 1-2
  • T4 – output 2-1
  • T5 – input 2
  • T6 – output 2-2

Download a printable and savable PDF wiring diagram here


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