6 Circuit Breaker Block w/ Neg Bus


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6 Circuit Breaker Block with Negative Bus

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Product Description

6 Circuit Breaker Block with Negative Bus

Fully Loaded – comes with the following breakers:

  • 5A x 1
  • 10A x 2
  • 15A x 2
  • 20A x 1

This is a super cool little innovative product we were so excited to have discovered – and are stoked to be able to bring it now to you!

Same function as a fuse block (to provide circuit protection to your branch loads), but now with resettable breakers!

Have you ever been frustrated to have to run out to get a fuse, or have that little bag of fuses sliding around in your glove box – wondering if you had the right ones? No more – now when you have a tripped circuit and would have been scrounging around for a fuse you can just reach down to your new breaker block and reset your breaker.

These awesome little blocks come in a 6 gang and 12 gang size. They have a built in negative bus, and an easy to remove thumb screw cover.

Our breaker blocks will fit our CMB style circuit breakers (HERE), from 5A – 20A. Note, they will NOT fit “CLB” circuit breakers (look on the side of your breakers for “CMB Series” if you have your own.

The blade style 0.250 Plugs allow for extremely easy swapping of circuit breaker amperages, and the cover twists off easily… but you don’t HAVE to remove the cover to reset the breaker! Each little bubble above the breaker is made with flexible silicone that can be pressed in to reset the breaker with the cover still on.

#8 ring terminal (HERE) studs make this breaker block as easy to install as a fuse block – in fact, you probably don’t even need to re-terminate your existing conductors.

Size is also a common question – our breaker blocks take up very little precious space under your console – no more than many fuse blocks.

We’ve been using these blocks on many of our custom switch and dash panels (HERE) for a while now and have been thoroughly impressed… just an awesome new product. They allow you to hide your circuit breakers under the dash for a super clean front of panel appearance.

6 Circuit Breaker Block Specs

  • Voltage: 32Vdc
  • Input Terminal Rating: M5 threaded studs (100A max.)
  • Input Wire Size: #4~6 AWG
  • Output Terminal Rating: M4 threaded (25A max.)
  • Output Wire Size: #12~16AWG
  • Terminal Material: Nickel plated copper
  • Screw Material: Stainless steel
  • Torque Rating: 20 in-lb (2.25NM) max.
  • Mounting Torque Rating: 8 in-lb (0.9Nm) max.
  • Temperature Rating: -4°F to 185°F
  • Dimensions: 4.33″ x 4.13″ x 2.53″

2 reviews for 6 Circuit Breaker Block w/ Neg Bus

  1. Rives Millwater

    Good quality. As advertised. Fast shipping!

  2. Braulio Santiesteban (verified owner)

    Very good quality.

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